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Data entry is a huge field these days. Professional data entry workers can work in all kinds of businesses, from medical facilities and law firms where accurate records are based on data entry, to scientific research facilities or any kind of retail or sales based business. All of these and more employ data entry workers to help migrate data and protect company records, as well as for the creation of new projects where data is a critical resource.

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More generally data entry is the procedure of entering the data into any database or spreadsheet of the computer so as to get it processed for a useful output. There are various means of data entry. It can either be performed by an individual or even by a machine. An individual typing the data with the keyboard is also known to be the data entry and the machine entering the data electronically is also one of the ways of entering data.

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Data entry is also sometimes referred more technically as the transcription of the information from the source into a form readable by the machine itself so that processing can be carried out of the required data. Apart from the data entry through the keyboard, the other such data entry devices are the scanners, and even the latest technology devices of speech recognition.

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With Data Entry India, you have access to a plethora of both offline and online data entry solutions and high quality back office services. We deliver a wide variety of offshore data entry services that are bespoke to our clients’ specifications. We offer Outsource Data Entry, Outsource Data Processing, Data Conversion, Form Processing, Scanning, OCR and Web Research Services.

We also provide Data Mining Services, Data Capture Services, Data Processing Services (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, Image, Survey, Forms and Claims), Online Data Entry Services with the aid of Remote Desktop Server, Data Conversion Services ( HTML, XML, Word, PDF and OCR), Offline Data Entry Services (PDF to MS Word, MS Excel and MS Access formats), Data Capturing Services, Data Cleansing or Data Scrubbing Services, E-Mail Validation Services, Data Alignment Services, Data Standardization Services, Form Processing Services, Data Collection Services, MS Access Entry Services, Survey Data Entry Services, Product Data Entry Services, E-Commerce Data Entry Services, MS Excel Data Entry Services, Magneto Website Update Data Entry Services, Insurance Claim Entry Services, PDF Data Entry Services, Image Data Entry Services, ASP .Net Data Entry Services, Handwritten Data Entry Services, Transcription Services and Typing Services.

We are also flexible to provide other types of offshore data entry services that conform to client needs and requirements. Our team based in India is highly dedicated to satisfying all our clients’ specifications.

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