Data Conversion Services

Data conversion services entail converting data from one format to another to allow compatibility with a wide variety of applications. Data conversion services range from conducting simple file importation to highly complex undertakings that requires the importation, validation, cleansing and splitting up of non-relational data into multiple databases that support a relational structure. Data conversion can take up so much of organization time and resources that would be better off being channeled to strategic projects. We at Data Entry India allow our clients to outsource data conversion services.

We offer offshore book conversion, catalogue conversion, document conversion, file conversion and PDF conversion services.

Why Outsource Data Conversion Services To Us?

Most organizations find themselves relying on ineffective solutions of data conversion. Most of these solutions not only compromise on the quality of data but also threaten the confidentiality and integrity of data. We at Data Entry India have an array of data conversion tools that not only guarantee high quality documents but also confidentiality and integrity of data. Our team of professionals based in India uses the latest technological tools to convert electronic data from their native formats to the formats of desktop publishing applications, word processing applications, Internet applications and word processing applications. We at Data Entry India adhere to stringent information security procedures that guarantee the safety and integrity of your information in the offshore data conversion services.

The Need To Outsource Data Conversion Services :

There has been a spur in the number of computer programs and platforms used by organizations. This means that the data used come in many different formats. Several entities find themselves with a huge chunk of data of different formats. Indeed this can be very frustrating especially for organizations with centralized decision making systems. The advent of enterprise application programs also creates the need for data conversion to standard formats. We at Data Entry India appreciate the need companies have to outsource data conversion services. That is why we have robust capabilities of technology and a highly competent team of professionals to offer the best data conversion services.

The Details of Offshore Data Conversion Services :

There are various ways of converting data from one format to another. Unfortunately, not all methods of data conversion services are ideal. In fact, most of them compromise one or two things about the source data. We at Datatech employ best practices of offshore data conversion services that guarantee quality in data conversion. Our clients choose us over many other providers of offshore data conversion services because we pay attention to detail. Our quality data conversion tools have extraordinary encoding capabilities that ensure data of different formats are converted. These tools are also excellent with files that are scanned and downloaded.

Outsource Data Conversion Services To Us :

We offer a wide range of offshore data conversion services. These include data conversion from databases, data conversion in specified MS Office formats, e-book conversion, high speed large volume image scanning and data capturing services, conversion of PDF format to MS Word format and vice versa, data conversion to and from word processors, conversion of raw data into MS Office formats, data conversion to and from spreadsheets, scanning and OCR paper book into CD, data conversion to and from packaged applications, data to and from custom software packages, compilation of data in PDF documents from various sources, data conversion from PageMaker to PDF, from MS Word to HTML, from text to Word Perfect and from articles, magazines, books and other publications to different formats. We also provide Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning, Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) scanning and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) scanning.

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