Data Processing Services

Data processing services encompass a series of data operations in a computer that work towards the retrieval, transformation and classification of information. As a result, data is recorded, sorted, calculated and disseminated. Business process outsourcing is a concept that is geared towards ensuring that businesses focus on value adding activities and outsource, reduce or eliminate non value adding activities. Although important, data processing does not necessarily contribute to strategic development. As such, businesses spend so much time and energy on data processing services at the expense of establishing strategy.

Why Outsource Data Processing Services To Ask Datatech Based in India ?

The popularity of data processing services has led to the burgeoning of a number of companies that provide data processing services to clients. Most enterprises find themselves overwhelmed with the numbers and find it difficult to choose a reliable data processing service provider. Ask Datatech is a leading outsourcing service provider based in India with good reason. We have extensive industry knowledge, experience and sufficient resources that our clients can attest to. These capabilities enable us to incorporate flexibility and reliability in service provision. We have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who pride themselves in timely and accurate execution of offshore data processing client assignments.

Our Customers :

We have several years of experience in delivering high quality data processing services to entities across various industries. Our clients include banks, education institutions, government agencies, insurance companies and business retailers just to mention a few. This client base is composed of entities from various countries across the globe. They come to us because of our offshore data processing services which are scalable, consistent and secure systems that promote the confidentiality, security and integrity of data.

How We Do It :

Data processing basically entails the synchronization of information drawn from various sources. We at Ask Datatech use electronic data processing techniques in place of the manual ones to synchronize this information. We are therefore able to handle copious amounts of information in a manner that is accurate and not time consuming. We first conduct a requirement analysis, followed by a comprehensive data transfer from the client. Input sources include credit card payment forms, survey forms, insurance claim forms, banker’s cheques, business catalogue processing forms and membership registration forms. Our system which is human assisted will then provide a reasonable quality assurance. This in turn will give the green light for data export in the required format and data transfer to the client. The output formats include MS Excel, MS Access and PDF.

Our Offshore Data Processing Services :

Thanks to our data processing services line, you can outsource catalogue processing, cheque processing, data capture and extraction, data mining and cleaning, image and word processing, surveys and forms processing. Our other services that you can outsource to our team based in India include digitization of data through a manual entry procedure that converts different formats of data into electronic format via FTP, rebate and coupon redemption, credit card and payment processing, subscription and membership enrolment processing and lock box processing.

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