Form Processing Service

We all know how laborious and expensive form processing can be. Forms are usually visages of bureaucratic systems that we have come to abhor. You are required to process insurance claim forms, survey or market research forms, account or tax forms, resumes, legal forms, e-mail forms, online forms, invoice or purchase orders, membership application forms, immigration forms and questionnaires.

We at Data Entry India know how much you would like to avoid doing these repetitive tasks and get on into doing great things. You can outsource all your form processing activities to our team based in India.

Why Our Clients Choose To Outsource Form Processing India Services With Us :

Our clients attest to our excellent form processing services bolstered by robust infrastructure and capable experts. By turning to us, you stand to gain high quality form processing services at an affordable price without bearing the troubles associated with in house form processing. Our client base is diverse. We offer offshore form processing services in addition to the contemporary form processing services we offer based in India.

The Form Recognition and Processing Work Flow :

Form processing can be divided into 8 distinct phases. These are form creation, distribution, input or capture, image cleanup, recognition, processing, quality assurance and output. During form creation, the actual form is created and the respective fields added to it. Distribution entails disbursing documents in electronic or in paper form. Input or capture entails entering data into documents of different types. Image clean up encompasses a set of processes aimed at removing common problems in scanned or faxed images.

Recognition is all about using OCR and barcode technologies to recognize distinct forms of data. Processing will then entail extraction of relevant information such as that contained in barcodes and client files. Quality assurance involves a person inspecting files to ensure that they were processed as per the acceptable standards. Extraction of all relevant information from barcodes and client files is what is considered output that is sent to our offshore clients.

Our Approach To Form Processing India :

Our form processing methods can be placed into two broad groups: manual form processing and automated form processing. Manual form processing involves manually inserting characters into data fields while automated form processing eliminates the manual element thanks to the capabilities of modern technological devices. For example, remote access software bolstered by Internet connectivity and security configuration means that our team can actually access recodes in remote client locations. Forms in electronic formats are of course easier to manipulate and handle.

Outsource Form Processing India Services :

You are better off outsourcing form processing india services with us given the wide range of offshore services we offer. We offer image processing, insurance claims forms processing, market research forms processing and mortgage and loans forms processing.

We also offer accounting documents processing, administrative documents processing, patient records forms processing, coupon redemption or rebate forms processing, credit card application forms processing, email forms processing, financial documents processing, immigration forms processing, invoices processing, legal documents processing, medical claim or patient records forms processing, membership applications processing, online application forms or subscriptions processing, payroll processing, product registration card processing, purchase or sales order forms processing, rental forms processing, resumes processing, shipping documents processing, survey application or market research forms processing, tax forms processing and warranty cards processing.

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