IBM Lotus Notes Application

Outsource IBM Lotus Notes Application Development and Maintenance Services:

We specialize in workflow and collaborative applications, portals, and intranets – all tailored to increase productivity, enhance internal efficiency, and strengthen relationships with suppliers, vendors, and customers. We develop applications that make your business better.

We deliver the following types of services:

  • Lotus Notes / Domino Custom Application Development
  • Lotus Notes / Domino Application Maintenance Services
  • Lotus Workflow Based systems
  • Testing Services for Lotus Notes / Domino Applications
  • Custom Application Development functional areas include:

HR Applications,

  • Communication Tracking / Management
  • Portals / Intranets

Lotus Workflow extends the workflow capabilities of Domino to provide the most powerful workflow management system available. Critical workflow applications can now be supported and maintained, rolled out across the enterprise, and quickly modified as processes evolve. By providing point-and-click tools and reusable object libraries for routing rules, role assignment, deadline handling, and task automation, even complex processes can be automated with little or no programming.

Some of the feature of workflow based application:

  • Reducing the lag time in business process flows
  • Streamline time-consuming and people-based activities
  • Streamline the distribution and approval cycle of documents

Additional services to our customers include:

  • Installation and setup of Lotus software
  • Support and maintenance of Lotus Notes Client based applications.