Scanning and OCR Services


Outsource Scanning Services :

Outsource scanning significantly reduces the total document management expenses incurred by businesses that rely heavily on hard copy documents. Moreover, outsource scanning ensures that businesses spend more time and resources of key business processes that contribute to the value that their customers ultimately purchase. By outsourcing scanning services, you stand to reap the benefits of scanning two fold.

We at Ask Datatech offer outsourcing scanning solutions to businesses that are aware of their precious value chain.

Why Us? :

Many clients continue to outsource their scanning services to us. We continue to pride ourselves in our affordability, our capacity to handle large amounts of data and our global appeal. Our expeditious and low cost scanning services mean that our clients are able to increase their productivity, overall performance and profitability. As a result, they can easily ascertain their return on investment. Although providing high quality scanning services to our clients is our first priority, we also develop solid relationships with our clients based on mutual benefit and trust. You are therefore better of outsourcing your data capture activities to our company that is based in India.

Input And Output of Our Scanning Services :

That is why offer high quality scanning services to our clients. They begin with us receiving physical documents for scanning and indexing such as address lists, invoices, purchase orders, resumes, business forms, cheques, surveys, insurance forms, patient charts, litigation and case files, lease agreements, import and export documentation, student records and tax forms. They then culminate in us delivering documents of various formats such as tagged image file formats, joint photographic expert group formats (jpeg) and portable document formats (PDF).

Factors To Consider When Selecting Document Scanning Service:

Different project specifications and document types require different types of scanners and digital recognition software. As a result, there are certain factors to consider when selecting document scanning the appropriate type of document offshore scanning services. These factors to consider are cost, speed and quality. In terms of cost, the rule of thumb is that the more specialized an offshore scanning services provider is, the lower the cost charged. In the same spirit, the more specialized or large a scanning services provider is, the more likely it is to deliver fast scanning services. Quality is a factor that should never be compromised when seeking document offshore scanning services.

Outsource Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Services :

We at Datatech are among the leading providers of offshore OCR services in India. This is because we have a team of highly diligent experts who use top notch OCR systems that allow us to offer economical data management solutions to our various clients. Integration of optical scanners and modern OCR software is the foundation of our OCR systems. With OCR systems, data capture from various sources such as handwritten documents, printed documents and microfilms is far more accurate and faster compared to manual systems. This data can then be stored in a format that is compatible with our document management software. With this software, we have ultimate control over all our digitized data.

Outsource OCR and OMR Activities To Us :

We at Datatech treasure it when our clients outsource their OCR and OMR activities to our team based in India. Outsourcing OCR and OMR activities is one of the many services we offer to our clients. Documents such as insurance forms, medical forms, survey forms, banking forms, magazines, periodicals, journals and directories can be scanned to standard TIFF, PDF and other formats according to client specification. Using our latest scanning technology, we are also able to convert scanned image data into digital text files.

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