Numeric Data Entry

Alphanumeric data entry can be used to enter addresses, lists, customer information or medical records. Numeric data entry, commonly referred to as 10-key, uses only the number pad. Are you looking for an offshore provider who can handle your text and numeric data entry services? Are you looking for a vendor who can provide you with accurate text and numeric services? Our data entry operators accept all types of data for input like images, printed or scanned documents, excel files, html, and enter reliable information into desired numeric output.

Data Entry India has over 12 years of experience in providing quality text and numeric data entry services to customers across the globe.

Text and numeric data entry services such as the following :

  • Personal and company addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • e-mail addresses
  • Product billings
  • Credit and debit card information
  • Examination marks

Numeric Data Entry service enables global organizations to produce high volume documents quickly and efficiently. While we have a lot of data to enter it is imperative to be expert to do it quickly. Using information from the earlier sections. Our Data Entry Numeric test dealings your talent to enter a range of numeric data using the ten-key pad. Data includes social security numbers, credit card account numbers, phone numbers and other numbers used in data entry. The test consists of groups of data, and your score is based on your average keystrokes per hour used to for correctness. This test is designed for data entry workers or clerks.

Why Choose Data Entry India for Numeric Data Entry ?

  • Quality alpha numeric data entry services yet cost effective with timely delivery
  • You can be assured of 98% accuracy on single key and 99.5% on double key
  • Hire data entry operators who are highly skilled, trained & experienced
  • Bring our innovation and experience together to produce effective alpha numeric data entry
  • No cost for infrastructure, hiring or payroll related formalities
  • You focus on your core competencies when we manage your alpha numeric data entry
  • Numerous satisfied clients of offshore alpha numeric data entry services in most parts of USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India, China, Philippines, etc.

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