Online Data Entry Services in UK

Data entry is a versatile process that requires a huge investment in both equipment and labor force. Ask Datatech has all that is needed to make any Online Data Entry Services in UK success. It has trained manpower that guarantees the accuracy and timely completion of projects regardless of the size. The operators can perform a wide range of services that include inputting data and online data entry. This allows the company to offer affordable data entry which is delivered on time.

Why choose Ask Datatech for Online Data Entry Services in UK?

  • We have a team of experienced data entry operators that will complete and deliver your project on time
  • We allow you a free trial to help you gauge the type of work we do
  • The assigned team leader will give you a regular update on the progress and offer 24/7 online support
  • We are consistent and guarantee a 99 % accuracy
  • Our pricing is affordable and will help to maintain the cost of online data entry low.
  • We have the latest equipment and technologies that ensure 100% data security and we guarantee data confidentiality.

We have a fast turnaround.

We offer an array of data entry solutions ranging from document data entry, offline data entry, numeric data entry, survey data entry, medical data entry, text and images data entry just to mention but a few.

We are all aware that technology is dynamic and millions of documents are generated every day. These documents will be worthless if they are not digitized and made accessible online. At Ask Datatech we are committed to ensuring that organizations and business entities have the data they need to make decisions. Such data should be available at a click of a button. We capture and enter data in any format. We also offer data formatting and punching depending on your needs. We digitize voice recorded data and offer coding services. Here are the details of some of the services we offer.

Document recording

Ask Datatech is home to data typing, data punching, and data keying services. These are meticulous services designed to help our UK based clients go about their day to day business without spending much of their time on non-core business activities.  It makes it easier for them to manage and update data for prudent business management.

To ensure that our clients get error-free services, we utilize a well-trained staff and we ensure that the completed work is checked by a quality assurance team before it is uploaded to our secure FTP servers.

We provide customized data entry solutions to your needs. We go out of the way to ensure that the data is available even when we operate in different time zones. We can prioritize your work to beat even the tightest schedule. Our staff work on a 24/6 basis to ensure that all tasks are completed and the data is available when needed.

Foreign language online data entry

Ask Datatech offers multilingual data entry services. We can help expedite document preparations even if it involves multiple languages.

Online copying, indexing, sorting, and pasting

We can index PDFs, business cards and many more.

Data capture

We offer online data capture services that entail capturing data and converting them into designate formats before entering them into designated databases.

Online image data entry

We enter image related and captions into online portals

Invoices and receipts data entry

We accelerate the accounting process by digitizing invoices and receipts online. It allows you to access the data online and make decisions on the go.

Content conversion

This is one of the services that help us avail files in many formats. It includes converting information to e-magazine and e-books.

Document retrieval

We update documents, help in document retrieval to ensure that all of them are indexed as per your selected criteria.

Surveys and product registration

We prepare and enter data from surveys, shipping documents, labels, mailing lists, and product registration.

Insurance claims

We digitize data and offer insurance claims online. Also, we digitize and convert legal documents so that they can easily be accessed online.

Product catalogs online entry

We compile product catalogs including descriptions and images and ensure that they are available online.

Thus we believe in providing our clients with speedy services when they need it. Our streamlined process helps to improve efficiency and allow you to serve your clients better.