Ask Datatech is committed to having a diverse portfolio and have already completed hundreds of different and diverse projects for a wide spectrum of clients. Our outsourcing services such as web research, web data extraction, Document conversion, file conversion, book conversion, image processing and word processing services and medical and insurance claims data entry are all guaranteed to be at least 99.95% accurate as well as all of our other data entry services. Not only can you rest assured that all work is accurate when you choose Ask Datatech, you can also count on all of our data entry, data processing, and data conversion services being completed in a timely manner.

Our offshore outsourcing team understands how important your privacy is to you and uses the best data security system available to protect your data and ensure that any documents which you send to us are always help with the utmost of confidentiality. If you want quality back office work at a competitive price from a data entry company that is known to have a long track record of happy customers then you will want to consult Ask Datatech for all of your offshore outsourcing back office work. Based in India, Ask Data tech has grown and expanded to provide services to numerous countries all over the world.

Online Data Entry and Offline Data Entry Projects
Client 1We provided this client with data entry services of Business Cards information likely Company Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Tel#, Fax#, Email and Web Site into Excel format. Our client base in many countries and time zones around the world such as France, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Israel, Netherlands, Unite States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada.
Client 2We provided this client with a variety of types of data entry services in order to Document scanning, Document sorting, Indexing, OCR and organize a variety of different file types and then compile them into a Ms Office (Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Access) format.
Client 3We provided this client with Outsource Excel data entry services. We were provided with many different types of document formats and combined these all into one easy to access Microsoft Excel document.
Scanning and OCR Projects
Client 1Our outsourcing team provided this client with image data entry services by scanning their images and creating a single searchable PDF File where they could access all of their images in one location by simply searching for relevant phrases.
Client 2For this project our outsourcing team scanned the client’s current image files and then converted them into a single Microsoft Word document for easy organized viewing.
Client 3We provided this client with PDF conversion services by scanning their PDF files and converting them into a single Excel document at their request.
Data Conversion Projects
Client 1Our outsource team converted the client’s data from PDF format into Microsoft Excel format with our PDF Conversion services.
Client 2We converted the client’s data from hard copy into a Microsoft Excel document by first scanning and then uploading the information into an Excel document.
Client 3We converted the clients existing hard copy data by scanning it and entering it into a Microsoft Excel document using our document conversion services.
Web Research Services
Client 1This client required that we perform web research on 20 fields and then enter this information into an MS Access form.
Client 2This client requested that we research events and emails online to be entered into the client’s online database.
Client 3This client requested that we use web research to collet Names and telephone numbers to be entered into an MS Excel document.
Magento Product Data Entry Services
Client 1This client requested that we group together products that are to be sold as a set and update in their online Magento Catalog.
Client 2This client asked us to update their Magento catalog with the downloadable/virtual products that they offered.
Client 3This client asked us to create special offers in their Magento catalo to help promote sales on their online store.
Data Processing Services
Client 1This client asked us to extract data from their hard copy membership forms and create a Microsoft Word document with the scanned images.
Client 2This client wanted their TIFF files to be converted to PDF files and needed this to be one within two day. .
Client 3This client needed online data processing of property data to be entered into the clients online application.