Resume Formatting Services At Data Entry India

One of the reasons why three-quarters of resumes submitted to employers do not get to the second level is poor formatting. When the CV is not well formatted, itdenies competent job seekers opportunities to express themselves and showcase their capabilities to the interviewers. It denies them the exposure they need to be invited to the interview. But a well-formatted resume will gives an impression of who you are and leave a mark on the employer’s mind. So to enable your resume to move to the second level, you must get it formatted by a professional. In fact it is the reason why Data Entry India is here for you.

Resume formatting entails making a resume concise and chronological so that it can tell your story to any interested party. Also, it should explain your experience and capabilities. It entails aligning your objectives to those of the targeted employer. A good resume should be eye-catchingand organized. 

At Data Entry India, we will format your resume so that it gives you an edge over other applicants. When we receive your CV, we will help to do the following:

  • Rephrase sentences
  • Check and align the layout
  • Highlight strong points
  • Proof read to eliminate errors
  • Rephrase sentences
  • Change the font and the size

To make sure that your CV stands out from the crowd, we will:

Make it concise– we use brief statements to make your resume as concise as possible. We do this by using bullets and making the sentences short but capable of passing your message across. We check and eliminate the use of “I” and the first-person pronouns. Also, we ensure that it uses past tense when describing the past positions you held while using the present tense to describe your current positions.

Making it presentable- we strive to make the resume easy to scan. We do this by using italics and bolds, including underlining key aspects and breaking up the text to allow for quick scanning. 

Customizing – we tailor the resume to focus on work and extracurricular experiences relevant to the targeted job.

Polishing the resume – it entails removing unnecessary details in your resume. At Data Entry India, we know what the employer is looking for. So we will edit your resume to remove lies and exaggerations. Also, we will remove items and things you wouldn’t want to discuss in the interview. 

Save the resume in a PDF format– We save the resume in PDF format and appropriate names. This is intended to make it easier for you to send it to your targeted employers.

At Data Entry India, we are aware that it takes excellent writing and formatting of a curriculum vitae to help you land a dream job. So when you give us the task of formatting your resume, we will work on it so that it leaves a mark on your employers’ minds. Also, we have a million ways of formatting resumes to help it stand out from the crowd.  Our work is to convince and give your employer the reason to want to hear from you. We know what employers look for and what to do to make decisions in recruiting the right candidate.

Therefore, no matter what industry you are in, if you are interested in moving your career to the next level, having your resume formatted by a professional is critical. At Data Entry India, we will format your resume and give it a professional feel. Whether you are looking for a CV for entry-level positions or an internship, you can count on us. We will format and align it to the needs of employers.  We always strive to make your resume eye-catching so that it can land you the dream job. As such, our resume formatting experts will stop at nothing to help you get the job.